Turkish Iron Casting Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish iron casting, Turkey iron casting manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality iron casting from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

YAHYAOGLU CELIK DOKUM A.S.        Türkiye     Uğur Kaya    
s steel castings, gray cast iron, ductile, iron casting, omega moulding line, inductotherm furnaces, heat treatment oven, cnc machine park with 10 machines
CAO CESME OFFICE MUH. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Murat ÇELEBİOĞLU    
s aluminium casting, aluminium die casting, automotive parts, cad design, cad grafics, carbide accessories, casting products, extrusion profiles, investment casting, iron casting, jigs, magnesium die casting, mould accessories, moulds and tools, plastic injection, plastic jigs parts, plastic moulds, rubber parts, stamping parts, steel casting, surface treatment, zinc die casting, steel casting products, flanges, brake shoes, check valves, hydraulic system parts, keyboards, gear wheels, iron casting products, pump housing, aluminium casting products, aluminum casting products, zinc die casting products, magnesium die casting products, investment casting products, moulds and accessories, silicon connectors, tools moulds and jigs, electro-mechanic items, lathing&standard parts, street lamp cases, magnesium steering wheels, cylinder head covers, aluminium medical equipments, aluminium dental equipments, aluminium radiograph equipments, aluminium burner cases, heater burner cases, hdd cases, harddisk cases, aluminium pistons, aluminium connection pieces, aluminium adjustable legs, aluminium back supports, aluminium transmission cases, aluminium generator cases, zinc die casting trigger elements, small zinc casting parts, lamp mounting levers, laser gauge carrier units, magnesium hdd cases, motor vehicle cases, laser sensor carrier units, door interior trim tools, injection molding toolkits, plastic gear wheels, watchcases, plastic watchcases, plastic keyboards, valve bodies, control engineering vavel bodies, tv remote control plastic parts, machine control membrane keyboards, light switch plastic parts, telephone toolkits, coin counter toolkits, drink strips, nameplate toolkits, toyota plastic parts, phototechnology toolkits, television engineering toolkits, printed circuit boards, sand mold casting products, aluminium lost wax parts, pump accessories, pump stoppers, pump housing cases, chemical industry parts, chemical industry thin-wall parts, automotive investment casting items, vacated internal gear flanges, bronze stamping tools, stamping loudspeaker grill, telecommunication stamping equipments, tubes for furniture, motor vehicle injection tools, appliance industry injection moulding toolkits, punch die casting items, subsequent tools, silicone switch pads, thermoplastic elastomere parts, seals and diaphragms, table and stool feet, complete door interior trims, edge of baggae areas, air guiding parts, mould jigs parts
ATA DOKUM SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Coşkun ATEŞ    
s foundry products, casting, stainless steel casting, steel casting, casting molds, high alloy steel casting, ductile iron casting, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, iron casting, ni-hard casting
MAKROMET A.S.        Türkiye     Mevlut polat    
s cast iron, iron casting, alloy casting, steel casting, auto spare parts, machinery parts, engine liners
IKIZLER DOKUM SAN.        Türkiye     Abdullah AYTAÇ    
s casting products, casting machines, iron casting, nodular cast iron, irrigation systems, irrigation systems and spare parts, sprinkler systems, iron-steel products, steels, steel-nodular cast iron, conical union, street elbow, reducing nipple, black elbow, plug, te steel, irons, iron-galvanized, tube end, iron flange, external gear reduction nipple, external tapped reduction nipple, galvanize pipe nipple, galvanize suspension beam, galvanized suspension beam, galvanize fertilizer te, filtering water clamp, waterpump set, die casting, flange, iron, elbow, steel, cast iron, pipe fittings, casting machine, centrifugal casting, sand casting, plugs, waterpump, black collar, patent elbow, sprinkler system, street elbows, te pipe, casting product, galvanized fittings, pipe cross, iron-steel product, galvanize pipe cross, galvanize sleeved spider, galvanize sleeved te, galvanize te, galvanized hose nipple, galvanized sleeve, hortumsan wire bracket, inside-out galvanize reduction, inside-out galvanized reduction, annular gear galvanize collar reduction, annular tapped collar reduction, wire bracket, adjustable sheet metal bracket, spread valve, swan neck cast, hose sleeve, collar reduction, nipple collar reduction, floor filter, plug externally, plug internally, handcuffed motopomp, handcuffed male motopomp, handcuffed ramp castle, ratchet motopomp, ratchet male motopomp, iron castings, steel-nodular cast irons, conical unions, reducing nipples, black elbows, te steels, irons-galvanized, tube ends, iron flanges, external gear reduction nipples, external tapped reduction nipples, galvanize pipe nipples, galvanize suspension beams, galvanized suspension beams, galvanized standard hose unions, hortumsan wire brackets, inside-out galvanize reductions, annular gear galvanize collar reductions, annular tapped collar reductions, irrigation systems spares, irrigation systems spare parts, irrigation system spares, irrigation system spare part, pig iron casting, casting fittings, waterpump clamp, centrifuge clamp, flange waterpump, boring clamp, extension clamp
INTUG DOKUM        Türkiye         
s foundry products, casting iron, iron casting, steel casting, steel casting products, iron casting products, iron casting auto parts, iron casting auto spare parts, steel casting auto parts, steel casting machinery parts, iron casting machinery parts, iron casting machinery spare parts
KOCAK DOKUM SAN.        Türkiye         
s gray cast iron, steel casting, foundry products, special foundry projects, nodular cast iron, valve parts casting, casting iron, iron casting, casting valve, casting valve parts, elevator weights casting, sport materials casting, iron casting sport materials, elevator pulley casting, engine parts casting, casting engine parts, casting projects
ERMOSAN MODEL        Türkiye     ZEYNEP    
s araldite molds, auto insulation molds, casting products, control fixtures, foam mold, foam molds for auto seat, foam moulding, foundry products, industrial molds, inset molds, inset moulding, iron casting, molds, molds for inner insulation of car, packaging molds, packaging moulds, packaging styropor for white goods, steel casting, styrofoam molds, styropor casting products
EMIN YALDIZ METALURJI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hasan YALDIZ    
s casting industry, casting products, cast iron, iron casting, gray casting, spheroidal casting, steel casting, automotive spare part castings, vehicle spare part castings, auto spare part castings, automobile spare part castings, valve castings, machine spare part castings, castings for textile sector, castings for construction sector, castings for elevator, cast butterfly valves, cast valve covers, cast clamps, metal casting, metal casting products, spheroidal, gray iron, spheroidal and gray ca, steel construction, steel constructions, spher, gray cast iron, gray casting products, spheroidal and gray cast iron, nodular graphite cast iron, lamellar graphite cast iron, gray cast iron products, nodular graphite cast iron products, lamellar graphite cast iron products, spheroidal and gray casting products, spheroidal cast iron products, spheroidal and gray cast iron products
s castings, casts, mouldings, moldings, gray cast irons, nodular cast irons, ductile irons, steel castings, iron castings, steel casts, iron casts, casting products, cast products, moulding products, molding products, gray cast iron products, nodular cast iron products, steel casting products, ductile iron products, iron cast products, moulding, iron casting, casting, steel casting, gray cast iron, molding, iron cast, casting product, gray cast iron product, cast, ductile iron, nodular cast iron, nodular cast iron product, ductile iron product, moulding product, cast product, steel casting product, steel cast, molding product, iron cast product
AFS HASSAS DOKUM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Fatih ATAK    
s food processor, food processing blades, saws, industrial appliances, small household appliances, electric appliances, mince, cutter, slicer, mixer, mixer blades, blenders, disc blades, precision casting, steel casting, iron casting
FUJIAN FENGLI MOTOR PARTS        Çin     Jimmy Yu    
s motor case, motor shell, motor casing, motor housing, motor parts, casting, iron casting, foundry
GRUP METALURJI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Serkan GÖKÇEK    
s aluminium, aluminum, metallurgy, metallurgy materials, steel castings, aluminum castings, iron castings, castings, casts, iron casts, aluminum casts, steel casts, metallurgy material, steel casting, aluminum casting, iron casting, casting, cast, iron cast, aluminum cast, steel cast, centrifugal casting
DEDELER DOKUM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Fatma ERGÜL    
s automative, construction, agricultural, equipment, automation, measurement, flowmeter, flow, switch, level, ultrasonic, electromagnetic, vortex, mass, temperature, pressure, humidity, oxygen, process, measure, datalogger, ptd, termocouple, differential pressure, hvac, air conditioning, gas, analyse, analytic, plc, hmi, water, drive, gound, portable, test kit, test system, ph, phmeter, orp, conductivity, anemometer, cast iron, iron casting, ductile iron, grey casting, agricultural machinery, manhole, agricultural machinery parts, construction machinery parts, manhole covers, gratings, ductile iron, automative spare parts, infrastructures
BAKU STEEL CO. LTD.        Türkiye     Rufat KARIMOV    
s metallurgy, construction iron, rebar, iron wire, iron bar, square iron, billet iron, flat round iron, parallel flanged iron channel, npu iron, npi iron, protective pipe, angle iron, steel, steel production, steel mill, iron casting, cast iron products, cast iron, iron channel, spiral welded pipe, erw pipe, rolling mill, wire rod, galvanization, alloy steel, unalloyed steel, steel granule, steel construction, steel constructions
s brake lining, brake, casting, iron casting
EKIN DOKUM VE METALURJI TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s cast, casting, metallurgy, metallurgy industry, iron casting
DIRSAN ISI VE METAL ISLEME TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s metal working, blanking, molding, pressing, enamel, foundry, iron casting
GD GENCDOKUM        Türkiye     Tolga Yegen    
s manhole, rain gratings, casting products, cover, gully, hinged, iron casting, nodular iron casting, noldular, infrastructure, casting, rain water, grill, polymer channell, polymer concrete, drainage, drainer
ISTANBUL DOKUM SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Begum Onganer    
s steel casting, iron casting, stainless steel casting, duplex casting, bronze casting, heat treatment, quenching, annealing, patternshop, aluminum casting, pumps and components, industrial goods, machined castings, casted goods, gg25 casting, gp240gh casting, 1.4470 casting, fisher pulleys, slag pots, valves, compressors, iron casting in gg25, steel casted valves, pumps and components casting in various material, bronze impellers for pumps, hawse